Ben Cooper - Big Frank - Ghoulsville Horror Decor

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This is "Retro Halloween" at it's finest! These groovy Ben Cooper Wall Decor Masks are the perfect gift for any lover of Halloween and the weird and wonderful. "You might not be familiar with the name Ben Cooper but if you're around or over thirty years of age, you are familiar with their product. For decades, the Ben Cooper company ruled Halloween. It was rare for a trick or treater to hit your door not wearing one of Ben Cooper’s plastic masks and Mylar costumes."

Each Ghoulsville Vac-tastic Plastic Mask measures approx: 23" high x 17" wide and 4" deep, has die cut eyes and weighs roughly 18 ounces. Content of mask is vac-form plastic including an attached cardboard backer with a single 2" diameter cut out hole for easy hanging purposes. Display box measures 24" high x 18" wide x 4" deep & has clear plastic window making it a terrific package to display.

We added LEDs to a few of these, here at the shop, they look insanely AWESOME! We can totally do this for you, as well. Just drop us an email, before purchasing, so we can talk.